Prices and the A&M Grant scheme




Carols A&M is available via the A&M grant scheme.  

The grant is applied in free books - minimum purchase 20 books. Contact us as below for more information and to apply for an A&M Grant.


Introductory offer

The minimum order is 20 copies (in any combination of editions). Please note that prices may change at any time – please check with us before ordering.





25% grant


Full Music:










Electronic Words:



(not in grant scheme)



Find out more and apply for the grant

Prefer to place your order via a bookshop? No problem (as long as it's in the UK).


How could the Grant Scheme work for your church?

Example order:

15 x Full Music editions = £299.85
100 x Words editions = £499
Order total before grant = £798.85

Free copies through Grant Scheme = 40 Words editions (to value of 25% of order value).
New order total = £599.25

Protective Covers

Protect your hymn books with plastic book jackets:

Size B (Words edition)

1-49 copies: 75p each + VAT

50+ copies: 50p each + VAT

Size D (all other editions)

1-19 copies: 95p each + VAT

20+ copies: 65p each + VAT